The 1098S race bike

The 1098S race bike
A Ducati 1098S street bike converted to a race and track bike.

fredag 4 oktober 2013

Motorland Aragon

Off to 5 days of hopefully great riding at Motorland Aragon is Spain. The MotoGP guys just raced there, so for sure there are some interesting lap times to compare you to.

In preparation for this trip I had to change the gearing since this track has one of the longest straight and having fairly big elevation changes I had to make sure the chain was god enough, so I replaced with a new one, Some friends who were  there last year broke some chains. Fast fluid track and going uphill puts a lot of strain on the chain.

Greven Racing Adventures organized transport of the bike and Hotel. The pictures are from last weekend when we loaded our bikes in the huge trailer. I feel like a pro racer having other take care of the bike, and me flying to the track. Unusual feeling

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