The 1098S race bike

The 1098S race bike
A Ducati 1098S street bike converted to a race and track bike.

torsdag 9 maj 2013

First practice session 2013 and triple clamp test

My friend Mikkel called and insisted that I joined him for an evening practice session at Sviestad race track near Linköping. The local club, LMS, has really well organized and friendly practice sessions for riders with a valid license.

Great weather, sunny, 22 degrees and not much wind. The only issue was that Mikkel had his season opener at Brno, so his speed was there. Just for me to ignore my normal lack of speed after a long winter and just follow his tail around the track. Worked great, produced best lap times at Sviestad since my active race days in BoTT racing some years back.

The new IMA triple clamps from NF Racing with 30 mm off set (std 36 mm) worked fantastic, corner exists was trouble free, no need for the classic Ducati need for pick up to minimize the running wide out of corners issues so common for us Ducati riders. I was surprised how much easier it was to flip-flop the bike thru the esses after start/finish line. The triple clamps are not low cost, but a very good investment if you can afford it.
Thanks Mikkel for a great afternoon and awsome season opener!

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